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July 4th Special:

Receive your monthly quilting kit with 16 pieces of fabrics, a magazine with projects and instructions, along with 4 FREE Independence Day digital gifts:

  • July 4th-themed quilting projects book;
  • Quilting journal;
  • Quilting cheat sheet;
  • Digital guide + 105 rotary templates.
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New colors, patterns & inspiration delivered to your doorstep every month!

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After that, each box will be shipped on the 7th of the month

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We Curate

Relax while we put together an awesome combination of fabrics you won’t find anywhere else:

16 pieces different pieces of 100% cotton fabrics (22x18 or 20x16 inches)

Magazine with Templates

Free quilting gifts

You Create

Quilting time! Don’t worry if you’re a beginner — the projects will make it easier! Get ready to:

Relax (quilting works like magic)

Unleash your creativity

Have fun mastering your craft

What’s In The Box

Exclusive premium quality fabrics you won’t find anywhere else.

You receive new fabrics every month right to your doorstep.


16 pieces of classic/modern fabrics (100% cotton)

Free Quilting Gifts

We also include a special monthly gift, because who doesn't love surprises?

Magazine with templates

Keeps you inspired with unique projects, templates and surprises you with a special gift every month

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Mrs. Quilty subscription box
$31.97 / month

Mrs. Quilty comes packed with twice as many fabrics as rival boxes, with 16 pieces of 100% cotton materials in every box!

Be inspired with a useful magazine loaded with unique projects and helpful templates.

We also include a special monthly gift, because who doesn’t love surprises?!

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Why Choose Mrs. Quilty?

Having experienced the magic of quilting, we aim to share the joy of this beautiful craft by providing high-quality materials at an affordable price. Every box we send is a carefully crafted gift to you or your loved one.

Big Straw - Big Dreams

Designer Fabrics

Craft original quilts with modern or traditional fabrics. You receive both! We provide quality designer materials you won’t come across anywhere else.

Big Straw - Big Dreams

Unique Gift

Know someone who’s been quilting for years? Surprise them with a Mrs. Quilty Box, designed for experienced & beginner quilters alike!

Big Straw - Big Dreams

Source Of Inspiration

Creative block? That’s a thing of the past. Exclusive projects, ideas, singular designs & patterns will get those creative juices flowing on any given day.

People Are Talking...

  • I’ve been quilting for over 5 years, and I have to say — this is the best value quilting box I’ve ever found. The quality of the fabrics is great!

    Isobella Cain
  • Like most quilters, I have a weak spot for playful color combinations, and this box surprises me every single month!

    Marian Downs
  • Many of the fabrics are often quite hard after washing, but this isn’t the case with the fabrics that came in my Mrs. Quilty Box

    Emma White
  • I was looking for high quality fabrics that wouldn’t cost a fortune and I am very pleased with the fabrics I received.

    Amy Farrington
  • The patterns I received with the two first boxes were amazing. They really fueled my creativity.

    Vienna Hill
  • This box was the beginning of my journey. The projects that come inside the box are a great starting point if you’re a newbie.

    Celine Jordan
About Us

No two quilters’ stories are exactly the same.

For us, discovering this soothing craft was a wonderful accident that soon turned into our #1 hobby, and later — our way of life.

Meet Mrs. Quilty Subscription Box — the easiest way to fall in love with the timeless art of quilt making (over and over again)!


It has been a journey full of ups and downs. But that’s the thing: while making a quilt takes time and patience, the feeling you get once your job is done is priceless. Nothing is more satisfying than witnessing your own hard work coming to fruition.

With time, what started off as a simple idea to learn an exciting new hobby evolved into a tight-knit community of quilters who craved more excitement, more colors, more unique shapes, patterns and fresh inspiration. That’s how the idea for Mrs. Quilty was born — a service that would supply all these things to fellow quilters in one box!

Today, we seek to promote the awesome craft of quilt-making by making it a simple, fun and enjoyable experience for both newbies and seasoned quilt makers! It’s a truly meditative art, so leave the tricky part to us.

We’ll collect 100% cotton fabrics that will never shrink, plus add a unique project to inspire you and exclusive patterns you won’t find anywhere else to kick-start your creativity. Interested in quilting but don’t know where to start? Already got the skills but want to try something new?

Meet Mrs. Quilty Subscription Box — the easiest way to fall in love with the timeless art of quilt making (over and over again)!