How My Parents' Old Clothes Stole the Show at My Daughter's Wedding

By Rachel D.

What if I told you that my parents' old wardrobe became the talk of my daughter's wedding? You won't believe how!

Last year, after my parents passed away, I was lost in grief. But I found the most meaningful way to honor their memory.

My parents always talked about dancing at my daughter's wedding. When she announced that she was getting married, I was hit by a wave of emotions – joy for her but a deep sadness that they couldn't be there.

I desperately wanted to find a way to include them in her big day.

But before I get into that, let me take you a bit further back first…

How I Found Inspiration in an Old Piles of Clothes

Growing up, my mother was the queen of quilting. Our home was filled with her gorgeous creations. But, like many, I never picked up a needle myself. That was Mom's thing, not mine.

And now, here I was, standing in their bedroom, surrounded by their belongings. Dad's old fishing jackets, Mom's floral scarves, their holiday sweaters – each piece was a part of them, a part of our family story.

As I sorted through their clothes, an idea began to form. What if I could use these fabrics to create something special for Sophie? 

Something that would make my parents proud of me! Well, it had to be a quilt! A quilt made from their old clothes!

Zero to Hero: My Quilting Adventure Begins!

There was one little problem before starting out – my quilting skills were practically non-existent. My mother's talent hadn't exactly been passed down to me. 

Determined, I started researching, watching videos, and trying to piece together the basics of quilting.

My early attempts were, well, a bit of a disaster! But the thought of giving up never crossed my mind. 

This quilt, this tribute to my parents, it had to be made…

The Subscription Box That Changed Everything 

I was utterly stuck and didn't know what to do next, so I reached out to my friend Lisa for advice. 

Knowing her experience with crafts, I was confident she'd have a solution. Without hesitation, she recommended the Mrs. Quilty Box!

You see, she had started her own quilting journey with it and couldn't stop raving about how it simplified everything!

The wedding was getting close, so I decided to give it a try. And believe me when I say that this decision changed everything!

How Is Mrs. Quilty Different from Other Subscription Boxes?

When the first box arrived, I was amazed. It had everything I needed to get better at quilting:  

This box felt so personal. I knew it was coming from someone who truly loved quilting!

While other boxes might throw in random supplies and complex patterns, Mrs. Quilty does things differently. Plus, they deliver everything right to your door every month!

As for what happened at my daughter's wedding, let me tell you this: The quilt turned out so much better than I would have ever imagined!

I wrapped it in this fancy paper and gave it to her after the ceremony. When she opened it, we both teared up. It felt like my parents were there with us...

She even used it to decorate the reception space, and everybody was so impressed with my skills!

Since that moment, I haven't stopped quilting handmade gifts for my loved ones! 

But don't just take my word for it…

Here are the stories and experiences of other passionate quilters:

Your Invitation to Start Quilting

Feeling inspired to create the most unique quilts for your loved ones? Mrs. Quilty is your perfect starting point.


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