How a Single Quilt Made the Entire Church Cry

By Anna J.

Have you ever had a big revelation moment in your life? When you finally understood something big, really big, without anyone saying a word?

For me, that moment came in an old church in the suburbs of Philadelphia. You see, my grandma died unexpectedly, leaving us completely heartbroken. I was lost in grief until I walked into that church the day of her funeral. 

It was then that I saw them — dozens of her gorgeous quilts draped over the pews, hung on the walls, and laid on the altar. Everywhere I looked, there was a piece of her!

The Discovery That Made Me See Life Differently

My grandma had one last wish – to have her quilts with us as we said goodbye. As a kid, I just thought quilting was her hobby, something for her to pass her time. But in that church, it hit me!

Her quilts were stories of our lives. Stories of picnics, of late-night talks, of every "just because" surprise she'd stitched together... 

Her creations had been our superhero capes when growing up, our tents for brave adventures, and our shields from scary thunderstorms! They were there for the good times and the bad.

And as I touched the soft fabrics, I stopped crying and started smiling. Grandma had left us, but her love would always be with us! 

But that wasn't the only surprise of this bittersweet day…

How My Grandma's Final Gift Gave Me a New Purpose

As I rushed home that evening after the funeral, I wanted to be like Grandma! I wanted to give my children, and someday my grandchildren, that same feeling of being unconditionally loved.

That was the day that I decided to start quilting! And let me tell you, it was a bumpy ride in the beginning. 

My hands couldn't stitch straight, and I had no idea how to make the corners meet without bunching the cloth. And don't get me started on pattern coordination… 

Grandma made it look easy, but I didn't have her by my side to show me how.

So, I went online to find help. I joined many quilting communities, asked for advice, and, to my surprise, the same name kept popping up: Mrs. Quilty Box. Everyone said it was perfect for newbies like me.

I thought, "Why not?" and signed up. When the first box arrived on my doorstep three days later, it was like getting a care package from Grandma herself!

Sew Your Legacy with Mrs. Quilty's Beginner-Friendly Kit

The Mrs. Quilty Box is a subscription service put together by a quilting pro - Mrs. Quilty herself! 

And let me tell you; it had EVERYTHING I needed to start quilting with confidence:

But you know, those weren't the only things that made me fall in love with this box...

Mrs. Quilty's loving guidance made me feel as though Grandma was speaking to me, encouraging me not to give up on the first mishap. 

With every box, my skills evolved, and my confidence grew. Every quilt I finished made me feel closer to her.Plus, I could finally craft handmade gifts for the people I love the most: my children!

What if you could do the same? If you want to say "I love you" or "I'm proud of you" with a quilt, you should definitely give Mrs. Quilty a try!


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