Quilting is making a comeback in 2023! Recommended by wellness experts all over the world, this hobby is here to stay. It's easy to learn, super relaxing and it even has health benefits. Discover why more and more women over 55  take on quilting to find happiness.

Mrs Quilty Digital Quilting Guide with 105 Rotary Templates

1. You’ll feel calmer

Quilting is a wonderful way to relieve stress and anxiety. On one side, the repetitive motion of sewing is incredibly soothing. Plus, the creative process of designing and piecing together a quilt is perfect for quieting the mind. In other words, quilting makes you feel calm and centered. It comes as no surprise that many quilters say it feels like the best meditation practice!

2. You’ll stay active

Keep your brain active and your body healthy with quilting! As a low-impact activity, quilting is gentle on your body and will keep your joints in top form. Plus, did you know it is scientifically proven to reduce the risk of dementia and improve hand-eye coordination? Basically, quilting is not only a fun and creative hobby, but it can also help you enjoy life to the fullest.

3. You’ll unleash your creativity

Now is your opportunity to explore your imagination! Quilting allows you to expand your creativity and find your inner artist. You can experiment with different fabrics, colors, and patterns to make something that truly represents you. Plus, designing and creating a quilt can be incredibly satisfying. It will make you feel accomplished and proud of your creations!

4. You’ll learn in no time

Quilting can seem intimidating to beginners, but it's actually a very accessible hobby. There are tons of guides and videos online to help you get started. My favorite resource for beginners is Mrs. Quilty. A monthly subscription box that comes with an amazing magazine loaded with easy projects and helpful templates. Their instructions are super clear and easy to follow. And the best part? Zero sewing experience is needed! 

5. You’ll make the best gifts

One of the best things about quilting is gifting your handmade creations to your loved ones and putting a smile on their face. Quilts make wonderful gifts for family and friends. Picture your children or grandchildren wrapped up in a cozy quilt you made or your best friend wearing a handbag you designed just for them. A handmade quilt is a thoughtful and personal gift that can be cherished for years!

6. You won’t overspend

Unlike many other hobbies, quilting doesn't have to be expensive! You can start with just a few basic tools like needles, fabric, and thread. And if shopping for materials seems like a difficult task to tackle, I suggest you give Mrs. Quilty a try. Every box comes with 16 pieces of premium cotton fabric you won't find anywhere else. You even get free quilting supplies every month!

7. You can cancel anytime

What makes Mrs. Quilty stand out is their flexible and customer-centered policies. I’m sure you’ll love the box, but if you don’t… you can pause or cancel your subscription anytime - no strings attached! I was positively surprised by their friendly and super helpful 24/7 customer service. So why not give it a try today? Literally, you have nothing to lose!


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