5 Huge Fabric Mistakes Every Quilter Makes

Starting out your quilting journey? Hold on! Before you dive into the fabric store, there are some sneaky pitfalls you need to dodge.

Beware, even the most experienced quilters make these 5 fabric mistakes.

Mistake #1: The Color Catastrophe

❌ What Goes Wrong: Picking fabrics without considering how their colors work together can create a chaotic look.

✅ How to Fix it: Embrace the color theory. Use a color wheel to find complementary (opposite) or analogous (side-by-side) colors. 

Think you need a degree in art? Hold that thought – we have something up our sleeve!

Mistake #2: The Cheap Fabric Trap

❌ What Goes Wrong: Cheap fabrics can fade and wear out, making your hard work short-lived.

✅ How to Fix It: Invest in good-quality cotton or quilt-specific fabrics. They're durable and easier to work with. Remember: Good fabric doesn't always mean expensive!

Mistake #3: Fabric Mismatch

❌ What Goes Wrong: Combining different fabrics like light cotton and heavy satin? That's a no-go.

✅ How to Fix It: Stick to similar fabrics to avoid a quilt that wears out weirdly. This way, your quilt stays perfect, wash after wash!

Mistake #4: Pattern Overload

❌ What Goes Wrong: Starting with difficult patterns can be overwhelming and lead to unfinished projects.

✅ How to Fix It: Begin with simple patterns like stripes or squares. They teach you the basics and help you build confidence.

Mistake #5: The Washout Woe

❌ What Goes Wrong: Fabrics that bleed colors can turn your quilt into a muddled mess after the first wash.

✅ How to Fix It: Conduct a 'bleed test' before committing. Simply soak a fabric scrap in hot water and check for color runoff.

Choosing fabrics and coordinating colors, textures, and patterns can be daunting, especially for beginners. 

But what if there is an all-in-one solution that arrives right at your doorstep?

But what if there is an all-in-one solution that arrives right at your doorstep?

Get Premium Fabrics With The Mrs. Quilty Box

The Mrs. Quilty Box is a monthly box specially curated for beginners, delivering to your house a selection of 14-16 fabric pieces.

No more guesswork: Quilt with perfectly matched fabrics handpicked by experts.

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Patterns for your level: From easy-to-follow starter patterns to more challenging designs, The Mrs. Quilty Box grows with your skills.

But that's not all! In every box, you'll also find:

✔️ Instructions & full-size templates for fun & short projects.

✔️ Magazine with the latest trends, tons of inspiration & pro tips.

✔️ Surprise quilting gifts! 

Why 6K+ Beginners Trust Mrs. Quilty

With the Mrs. Quilty Box, you're not just avoiding mistakes: you're quilting the right way, right from the start!


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